Bettering Captive Husbandry

Bringing together private keepers and zoological professionals to share our experience and our knowledge, one with another.

In partnership with the British Herpetological Society (BHS) this conference is being held at the birthplace of the International Herpetological Society (IHS), Drayton Manor Zoo.

This is a meeting for all those who believe it’s time to get rid of myths and assumptions, and base reptile husbandry on a combination of good science, new technology and long-term studies of the animals in the wild.

Historic location

In the center of the country, Drayton Manor Zoo is the birthplace of the International Herpetological Society (IHS). You will have time during the conference to go and explore the incredible animal collection held here.

Greatest speakers

We've invited world leading experts on a huge range of topics; our speakers are some of the top people in their area of expertise. Check out their profiles below.

New techniques

Our speakers will be discussing - and our sponsors will be bringing - some of the latest technological advances, and demonstrating tips, tricks and new approaches to reptile husbandry.

Come and join us!

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